Getting Started

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Understanding Your Obligations

We asked Caroline Graham, CEO of Regional Skills Training to explain...

With over 40 years of experience in the agribusiness and horticulture sectors as well as over 20 years in vocational education in lecturing and management, Caroline provides clarification on the top six questions Safe Ag Systems are asked when it comes to farmers' obligations and WHS legislation.

> Once you understand your obligations and the penalties involved, you can be confident to make educated decisions when it comes to your agribusiness.

What You Need Before You Start

What do I need to get started? This is a very common question. Nicky Barker, Safe Ag Systems Client Experience Manager, explains exactly what you need to successfully set up your program.

> This resource will save you time and provide clear direction of what is required to start. Gather your data beforehand or as you go, the choice is yours.

You can download this helpful checklist, save time and get started.

Program Demo

Setting up Safe Ag Systems is simple.

This 5 minute video explains the features of the program and identifies how it can help meet your compliance needs.

Watch now to see how the program can build safety into your day without compromising productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forget meaningless piles of paperwork and thousands spent in consulting fees - with Safe Ag Systems, WHS compliance is at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.
Developed by a team of professionals from both WHS and agribusiness backgrounds, the Safe Ag Systems program has been designed as a platform for enabling ease of compliance with all the major components of Australia's model WHS laws.
Prevention is better than penalty. The program has been carefully designed to assist you in creating legal records of what you're already doing to remain safe - and prompt small changes in your practice which will further promote your shift towards WHS compliance.
Everyone engages 'workers' in their business. WHS legislation does not differentiate between an employee, contractor or a family member working on your farm. If you have a worker coming onto your farm - you hold the same legal obligations to provide them with a safe work environment and safe systems of work as you would an employee.
We provide you with full technical support and can offer helpful tips and hints to help you get the most out of your system.
To prepare yourself, we suggest viewing the 'What do I need to get started video' located above.
Privacy and Security
You own your data.
Safe Ag Systems takes security seriously. We store your data on a secure server at AWS Amazon Sydney, Australia which ensures your data remains private and secure.
You have control who accesses your information. The program has three security levels which you assign to each person when creating a user profile.

Business Administrators:
Access and editing privileges for both desktop and app

Employees/Family Members:
Access only privileges for both desktop and app

Access only privileges for the app. Limited menu.
If your credit card details change or declines, we will contact you to resubmit your payment details to ensure your subscription continues. If you no longer wish to use your Safe Ag Systems, your data will be deleted after 60 days. Please note that if you decide to discontinue your subscription, we require written notification 10 days prior to your renewal date.
Safe Ag Systems does not store credit card information. When you submit your credit card information, it is processed by our third-party company, Stripe. Stripe is a very reputable credit card payment facilitator. Please view their security features by clicking Stripe Security
Your Safe Ag Systems software does rely on an internet connection. Our offline capability will launch early 2018. Many of our clients with unstable internet have been successfully using the platform to setup their safety management plan but not utilising the app out in the field.
You can use your own email to activate their account. They can change their password once logged in.
Most of our updates can take place in the background which means no disruption to you or your workers. If we are doing scheduled maintenance or updating a new version, you will be notified via email of the time. Our aim to select a time when we have the least amount of traffic on the site.
Recommended Browsers:
  • Google Chrome, latest version
Supported Browsers:
  • Google Chrome, latest version
  • Internet Explorer, latest version
  • Safari, versions 9 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox, latest version
Supported Mobile Devices:
  • iOS 9 & 10
  • Android 5 & 6
The App is the tool to gather data from the field and access relevant information on the go. You are equipping your workers with everything they need to get the job done safely and efficiently. Your Safe Ag Systems desktop program allows you to easily set up your system, enter all your administrative tasks, and create your reports.