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How do we help businesses?

We support farms in keeping on top of their compliance obligations by making record-keeping simple. 

Health and safety record

Promote a safe-work culture and support your employee’s health and safety.

record keeping

Run checklists, report incidents and log maintenance at the touch of a button.


Digitally manage the function and longevity of your farm machinery.


Remove the mountain of paperwork associated with Work Health and Safety compliance.

National Hay Safe Day 




Content for the Fodder Industry


Be Hay Safe in 2023

National Hay Safe Day is acknowledged every year on October 25th. The safety initiative is to raise awareness about the dangers of hay and the fodder industry.

This year's theme focus is “Safety around machinery during fodder production”.

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Does your traffic management plan stack up?

Creating and documenting a traffic management plan doesn't need to be difficult.

We'll guide you through the process of what to look for and how to implement one on your farm.

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Top 10 Telehandler Hazards

Telehandlers are versatile machines in the fodder industry, able to navigate tight spaces, lift large bales, and feed livestock effectively.

But with their versatility comes many hazards. See what we list as our top 10.

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Navigate your farm machinery hazards with our 20+ page Safety Resource.

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