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A game changer in
work health and safety management for agribusiness

Safe Ag Systems™ will bring your agribusiness into the digital age with interactive desktop and mobile software that allows you real time access to your work health and safety (WHS) management system - both in the office, and in the paddock.

Developed to support compliance with Australian model WHS laws, Safe Ag Systems™ can be customised to suit any agribusiness, and negates the need to spend thousands on engaging a consultant to develop a static, paper-based WHS Manual... more likely to collect office dust than to add any value to your business.

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Don't have safety locked away in the office, out of sight and out of mind; put it in the palm of your hand ready when you need it.

  • By Farmers For Farmers
    Built by farmers for farmers

    We understand the industry, we understand productivity over paperwork. Safe Ag Systems™ has been developed by a farming family to support compliance with Australia's model WHS laws in a way that farmers can understand.

  • Emergency Alert
    Emergency Alert

    Be guided by our template and develop your very own emergency response plan, which can be readily viewed and activated at the touch of a button, complete with workers Geo Location.

  • Machinery Logs
    Machinery Logs

    Use the Safe Ag Systems™ inventory to streamline and provide evidence to support the maintenance program for all of your prized posessions.

  • Policy and Induction Templates
    Policy and Induction Templates

    Fully editable policies and inductions that filter into the Safe Ag Systems™ App. Equipping your workers with the information they need out on the farm.

  • Personal Support
    Personal Support

    We are committed to ensuring you receive all the support you need to get the very best out of your program. Our support staff are based here in our office and have an agricultural background.

  • Health and Training register
    Health and Training register

    WHS laws place special emphasis on the importance of not only training your workers, but retaining records in order to prove their competence. We've got this covered.


No hidden costs or surprises, a 100% tax deductible investment.

How many users do you need?

It is important that your system covers all people the business has a legal WHS responsibility for. Include yourself, partners, family members, contractors, employees including casual and non paid workers.






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What do Farmers think?

Safety on Farms

Shane Webcke

Queensland Safety Ambassador

" I lost my dad in a workplace incident, so I know first-hand that family and loved ones are the most important reason for work safety. "

Kerri Cliff

Kimba, SA

" I have known we needed a safety system in place on our farm for almost 20 years now, but with the Safe Ag Systems program and APP I now think we can finally put it in place, its farmer friendly and provides all the tools for managing farm safety "

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