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Automate the Audit Process 

Safe Ag Systems is going to save a lot of problems for this business. We had bits of paper work here, bits of paperwork there. Now it’s all online, we’ve progressed into the future.

Murnong Farms, VIC, Australia

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Simplify safety, audits and compliance.

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Reduce the complexities

Manage the entire audit process with ease, remove the lengthy paperwork associated with food safety and internal audits.

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Minimise audit expenses

Create and conduct audits year-round, not just when certifications are due. Gather evidence for certification bodies and complete your internal audit over-time.

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Digitise record keeping

Identify linked documents, prompt alerts for missing evidence and educate workers on requirements for assurance standards. 

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Audits fit for purpose

A one-off build, that will assist compliance processes for future audit checklists. Remotely run an audit on your desktop.

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Increase efficiencies

Link related documents and access your real-time data to identify areas of non-compliance. Assign tasks and approve corrective actions prior to an auditor arriving on farm.

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Optimise reporting

Allow auditors quick access to your completed audits and linked evidence. Export a report or simply grant access with a unique login.

Make the data work for you.

Assist your farming or agricultural business with compliance. Safe Ag Systems Audit Builder is compatible with a range of standards, certifications and accreditations

HACCP, GLOBALG.A.P.Harmonised Australian Retailer Producer Scheme (HARPS), FreshcareRed Tractor and more.

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Everything you need in one central, secure location.

Your safety management system should be the main point of storage and reference. 

Re-purpose your data to reduce time spent collating documents.