Triggering an Emergency

This section will explain how to trigger a Medical or Fire Emergency and the notifications that will be sent to alert all users.

Please note that Safe Ag Systems emergency system does require internet access through wifi or network coverage to operate. In areas with no or very limited coverage, we recommend the use of satellite tracking devices with SOS capabilities.

On App

  1. Tap the Emergency icon located on the bottom menu.

2. Tap the Fire icon to send a Fire Emergency notification to all users.

3. Tap the Medical icon to send a Medical Emergency notification to all users.

    1. Tap the bell and the Notifications menu will open.
      Desktop Bell Notification
    2. Tap on the highlighted Notification to be taken to the map to view emergency icon. Scroll in to locate GPS coordinates and location of the triggered emergency.

2022-11-08 13_35_25-Showing Emergency w arrow

Notifications on App
All users will receive a notification from the App that a Fire or Medical Emergency has been reported.  Tap the notification, which will open the map of GPS coordinates and location of the triggered emergency.


Notifications on Desktop
Desktop users will receive a notification via the bell in the top right hand corner and also on the noticeboard. In addition Business Administrators will receive an email advising them of the emergency.


Notifications on Noticeboard

Additionally, the Emergency will post a message on the noticeboard that can then be used to access the GPS coordinates and mapped location of the triggered emergency.


What's Next?

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