Set-Up Guide - Safe Ag Systems App

Follow these instructions to set up the Safe Ag Systems App on your mobile device

When a business adds a new user under Manage People an email is sent to the user asking them to activate their registration. Follow the below instructions to activate your registration.

If you would prefer to print these instructions download this article as a PDF at the following link:

Set-Up Guide - Safe Ag Systems App PDF

Click the Register Now button and Sign Up then enter your details in the Create login account screen and click Continue.

If you have used Safe Ag Systems before and already have a login, then select Login instead of Sign Up.


screen-1 screen-2 screen-3


Once you have created your Login, you will be directed to check your emails again.

Access the email and click the Verify your Email button. This will direct you to download the Safe Ag Systems App.

Apple device (iPhone or iPad): App Store

Android device: Google Play


  screen-5 screen-6  


Before you login for the first time follow the Set-Up Guide for your device at the following link:

Set-Up Guide - Device Settings for Safe Ag Systems App

Next, open the App, Login and Accept the prompts:

  • Notifications: Allow
  • Locations: Allow while using App


You are now setup and ready to start using the Safe Ag Systems App.

What's Next?

Check out the following page for videos on how you can use the App:

Safe Ag Systems Worker Training Videos