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Updating your existing account to a Single Sign-on account

From 30th March 2021, Safe Ag Systems transitioned to Single Sign-on accounts. This article guides existing users on how to update your old login to a Single Sign-on account when you access Safe Ag System after the 30th of March.

  • You will need to update to app version 2.4.6 or later to continue with the below process
  • Please note that this process only applies to users that have an account with Safe Ag Systems that was created before 30th March 2021 and have a username format of FirstName_LastName. If you are a new user of Safe ag systems please see the following account setup process.
  • This process is the same on both the desktop and mobile App


  1. When you log in to your Safe as Ag Systems account for the first time after the 30th March 2021,  your existing password will be checked against our new minimum security requirements. If your existing password doesn't meet our new security requirements you will be asked to update your password. Passwords will need to be at least 8 characters in length and contain both a capital letter and a number.

    password reset Please reset your password mobile screen
                               Desktop                                                    Mobile App

  2. Once past this process, the system will recognise that you are using an old login username (FirstName_LastName). You will be asked if you would like to continue with your existing Username or update to a unique email or your Google, Microsoft or Google account.

    Update username desktop screen        Update username mobile screen
                                 Desktop                                                                 Mobile App

  3. If you decide to keep your old Username format (FirstName_LastName) please click Cancel and this will log you straight into your account.
    If you would like to update your username to a unique email or use a Provider Login such as Google, Microsoft or Apple ID click Proceed. This will provide you with the option to enter a unique email or continue with Google, Microsoft or Apple ID.

    Change login details desktop screen           Change login details mobile screen
                                    Desktop                                                      Mobile App
    1. If you use a Google, Microsoft or Apple ID account you will be directed to their page to log in and confirm access for Safe Ag Systems.

    2. If you enter an email address, you will be emailed a verification code that would then need to be entered to complete the account creation process.

      Verification email example
      Verify email address desktop screenVerify email address mobile screen
                                   Desktop                                                        Mobile App

  4. Once your new single sign-on account is created you will be directed into the connected subscription.

If you have multiple accounts with Safe Ag Systems, you now have the ability to connect them all to a Single Sign-on account. Please see how to consolidate your Safe Ag Systems accounts for further guidance on this process.