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Adding an Emergency Plan and Poster

An Emergency Plan will need to be created for each of your mapped locations. This information is vital for the safety of the workers in an emergency situation. Plans will appear on your printed emergency poster and be available to workers on the app.

Before you start

Desktop Only

Create an emergency response plan
  1. In the side menu, select Safety Manager> Emergency Management.
  2. Click the Select Location drop-down list and select the applicable location.
  3. Complete the Important Contacts and Important Information forms as required.
  4. Click in the Emergency Response Plan text box and edit to communicate emergency procedures for that location
  5. Click in the Emergency Services Directions text box and enter an explanation of the best route for emergency services to take. Major landmarks and/or nearest township for emergency service vehicles.
    Note – Uploaded files, videos, or images added to text boxes will not be available in offline mode
  6. Click Save.
  7. Create Poster by clicking the menu button and Create Poster.
  8. Click Print

Emergency Setup Create Poster