Print Emergency Poster

It is vital for Emergency Response plans and other Important Emergency Information to be accessible in the workplace.

Having an automated print function within the system gives you the ability to print Emergency Procedures as a Poster that is easy to read and access.  Posters are a visual medium that can quickly capture the attention of anyone onsite and convey critical Emergency Response Plan information in the event of an emergency.

Location is important when you are considering where to place an Emergency Poster. Make sure it is displayed in an accessible place where it can clearly be seen.  For example: on a notice board, in meeting rooms and at entry/exit points.

Print Emergency Poster

  1. In the left side menu select Safety Manager > Emergency Management.
  2. Select a location from the Location dropdown.
  3. Click Print in the top right corner.

  4. A pop up window will appear. Use the tick boxes to select what to include on the poster.

  5. If you tick Important Contacts, select the Important Contact Types you wish to include on your poster then click Continue.

  6. Review your poster. 
    1. If you need to amend click Close and edit information as required and repeat from step 3.
    2. If correct click Print.
  7. Amend print settings if needed then click Print.

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