Connecting a contractor using the Contractor Directory

You may want to setup your contractors via the Contractor Directory so that their workers have access to key information in your safety system via the App.

Once connected, Contractor business's will be able to:
  • Complete inductions you have allocated to them
  • Access Emergency Management Plans 
  • Access Hazard Maps
  • View your Company Policies and Safe Work Procedures
  • Complete inventory maintenance records (via QR code scanning only)
  • Conduct inspections using the App

Contractors can only access your Safe Ag System through the App.

  1. Invite a contractor to create a free listing in the Safe Ag Systems Contractor Directory.
    1. From the left side menu, select People > Manage People.
    2. Navigate to the Contractor Directory tab and click on the Invite New Contractor button.

    3. Enter the email address of the contractor and click Invite. They will receive an email guiding them to setup a free account so you and other potential clients can connect with them.

  2. Once the invited contractor has setup their account you will be able to connect with them by following the below steps:
    1. Click People > Manage People > Contractor Directory and search for the contractor. Click View.
    2. Review the contractor’s details and click Connect.
    3. An email will be sent to the contractor asking them to connect.
    4. Once the contractor accepts this connection they will be able to access your Safety System.

Do your contractors need some help setting up their listing?
Assist them by forwarding this tutorial link: Creating a free listing in Safe Ag Systems Contractor Directory and connecting to a client

You only need to send one request to the Contractor, once setup they will be able to add their workers to their system.