Creating a new Inspection

Desktop Only

From Blank Form

  1. In the side menu, select Forms and Templates > Inspection Builder then click Create New.
  2. Enter the Category and Inspection Name of the new inspection.
  3. To add a new statement click Add new statement.
  4. To move the position of a statement click the Drag and Drop button or use the up/down arrows.
  5. If you need to delete a statement click the Trash Can icon in the applicable statement.
  6. Once all statements have been created click Save

From Safe Ag Systems Template

  1. In the side menu, select Forms and Templates > Inspections Builder then click Copy From Template tab.
  2. Click View to review a particular Safety Inspection Template.
  3. Check the tick box and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Copy Template.
    Note - More than one template can be copied at a time.
    Note – The Safety Inspection will move to the Create or Edit tab for you to customise.