Management Portal

Manage multiple clients to support farm health and safety practices with one system. 


Link to multiple subscriptions with just one login.

Get your clients set up with confidence. Manage and access important information through one secure connection. Distribute the workload and assign roles without taking up a user seat on your clients account.

Get set up quicker and build your client base.

Make the most of our core content library, offering a range of templates, create policies, procedures, onboarding documents and more. Allocate a copy of your documents to several clients at once, saving you time and resources.

Implement a robust digital system built for agriculture.

Prove your proficiencies and develop your business for success. Our safety rating can be used to track the health of a safety system based on actions implemented. The Management Portal will allow you to remotely manage accounts and reduce travel time.

My Account Manager Kirby is fantastic, she introduces me to new clients and is always happy to help with any questions I have.
Jo Hamilton-Vale, Consultant