Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions, a page dedicated to addressing our most common concerns. Learn more about Safe Ag Systems, our services and how to make the most of your safety management system.

Access Support

My worker cannot login

If your workers are having trouble logging in, please refer to the Login Help Page for more information.

How do I login to the mobile App?

Access our step by step guide and learn how to download and setup your Safe Ag Systems mobile App.

Why do I get an error message when logging in on the desktop?

When using a bookmark to access Safe Ag Systems, the link can break resulting in an error message when you attempt to login. 

To fix this problem, change your bookmark to our direct login page.

If the problem persists you may need to clear your cache. To clear your cache on:

  • Chrome

Click on the 3 dot menu in the top right corner of your browser and select Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear browsing data

  • Firefox

Click on the 3 bars in the top right corner of your browser and select Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear data

Tick ‘Cookies and site data’ and ‘Cached web content’ and then select ‘Clear’

Account Management

How do I reset my password?

From your Desktop

Click on your name in the top right-hand side. Select ‘Change Password’.

change password - help desk

From the mobile App

Click the cog in the top right-hand side of your Safe Ag Systems App and select ‘Change Password’.

ChangePassword - mobile help desk


Can I remove or add additional users?

Note: This option is only available to clients paying via Credit Card. If you pay on invoice contact the Safe Ag Systems Client Support Team at help@safeagsystems.com or+1 888 431 3130.

Click the Cog on the top right corner of the Desktop and select ‘Billing’.

Select the number of users you wish to add or remove using the + icon and then click ‘Update’.

billing - help desk

Additional users will be added to your existing subscription and your credit card will be charged for the pro-rata amount from the date you increase your user numbers to your current subscription expiry.


If you remove users, you will receive a credit at your next renewal for unused time.

I have Seasonal Workers that require limited access.

Safe Ag Systems offers Seasonal Worker Packages.

Packages are designed to provide limited access to large numbers of seasonal workers, employed for a short term period that undertake repetitive work (eg. Fruit picking).

Packages start at 50 users.

If you require this service, please contact the Safe Ag Systems Client Support Team at help@safeagsystems.com or +1 888 431 3130.

Can I change my subscription level?

Safe Ag Systems offers two subscription levels,  Standard and Professional.

Information on which subscription would best suit your needs can be accessed on our pricing page.

For subscribers using a Credit Card, you can upgrade your subscription from Standard to Professional in the ‘Billing’ section accessible via clicking on the Cog in the top right-hand side of the Desktop.

Note: You cannot downgrade your subscription from Professional to Standard via the Billing section. Please get in touch with the Client Services Team at help@safeagsystems.com or +1 888 431 3130.

Privacy and Security

How is my data kept confidential?

Safe Ag Systems implements a robust security system to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of our clients’ data.

You can read more details in our Terms and Conditions as well as on our Data Protection and Security page.

Who owns my data?

When you enter or upload your data into our system, you still have complete ownership of your own data. Safe Ag Systems just uses your data to provide our services to you.

For further information please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

If you choose to cancel your subscription, your data will be retained in the Safe Ag Systems cloud storage, but you will no longer have access.

If you require access to this data, you can request a copy of your records. This may incur a charge.

Can multiple workers use the same email address?

No, for security reasons each worker must have their own unique email address.

An email address is the unique Username which belongs to a specific worker and retains important data which relates specifically to that individual. All workers must be added using a unique email address belonging only to them.


Does Safe Ag Systems have offline capability?

Mobile App

The mobile App will operate when offline. Information saved while working offline will be saved to your mobile device.

To upload this data simply open the mobile App when you have access to a signal connection. Data will be uploaded to the cloud.


Safe Ag Systems is a cloud-based software so you must be connected to the internet to access the system on your desktop.

How will the mobile App impact my phone battery?

The mobile App is regularly plotting your location to keep you and your workers safe.

You may notice that other Apps using your phone’s GPS, such as Google Maps, can also have an impact on battery life.

The main reason the mobile App continually uses battery is that it is ‘listening’ for location changes in the background, every 60 minutes or so. This is required for the At Work/Not At Work functionality within the mobile App.

Our tips for extending battery charge include:

  • Keep a charge cord for your phone with you (or in your vehicle) and recharge regularly.
  • Ensure all other unused Apps are closed.
  • Ensure that the phone screen is not too bright.
  • Limit excessive use of your phone (particularly camera or maps) as this will cause the battery to drain faster. This is true for phones in general, and not just specific to the Safe Ag Systems mobile App.

If the battery drain becomes a problem, location services for the mobile App can be disabled in your phone's settings, but you will also be disabling the mobile App’s ability to pinpoint your location in the case of an emergency. You may not appear as a pin/worker on the farm map. This is not a recommended course of action.

What if I don't have internet coverage?

The Safe Ag Systems App works offline so that all your important safety information can be accessed at any time.

Any information that you save in the App while working offline will be synced to the cloud when you next operate the App when reconnected.

How much storage space does mobile App require?

The Safe Ag Systems mobile App is approximately 100mb. This is roughly half the size of most banking apps.

The mobile Apps storage requirements will grow as you add documents and images.

Documents that do not need to be accessed by workers should be archived to reduce the storage space taken up on a users mobile devices. This includes checklist logs and acceptance logs, these documents are still accessible on your system through reporting.

What browsers provide the best user experience?

At Safe Ag Systems, we recommend you use one of the following browsers to access your Safe Ag Systems subscription on a desktop computer:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

You should also set the default browser on your mobile device to Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

What mobile platforms does Safe Ag Systems support?

The Safe Ag Systems App is available for these mobile platforms (as at August 2022):

  • iOS (Apple) – Version 13.1 or higher
  • Android – Version 10 or higher

Non-Mobile Touchscreens

While some Windows based touchscreens may work, Safe Ag Systems does not officially support non-iOS and non-Android based touchscreens and may not be compatible with these devices.

Work, health and Safety

I have Public Liability Insurance. Is that enough?

Public Liability Insurance is designed to help cover you and your business if a client or member of the public should hold your business liable for an injury or property damage.

Public Liability Insurance does not cover you in the event that a worker (includes employees, contractors and visitors) sustains an injury or fatality while conducting an activity deemed as work. Financial penalties for individuals and businesses issued for safety breaches can be significant and are not covered by Public Liability Insurance.

If you are uncertain as to what your legal obligations are you should seek legal advice.

We don’t employ anyone, do we require a safety management system?

Your legal duty to provide a safe work environment exists not only to paid employees, but to anyone working on your property. This may include family members who work or help  in your business; children, neighbours, contractors and visitors.

You are obligated to ensure the safety of everyone on your property as far as is reasonably practicable. The easiest way to achieve this is to implement a safety management system fit for your business.

Are the templates WHS compliant in my country, state or territory?

Safe Ag Systems templates are written from the perspective of ‘best practice’ taking into account the local WHS legislation. Where WHS legislation differences require different templates, these templates will be labelled with the country, state or territory referenced.

It is also important to note that Safe Ag Systems templates should be edited to reflect the practices of the business. Suitable safety measure do differ from business to business based on their size, commodity and activities. 

If you are unsure as to your legal obligations you should seek legal advice.

Contractors and Visitors

Do I have a legal responsibility to contractors and visitors?

Your legal duty to provide a safe work environment exists not only to paid employees, but to anyone working on your property. This may include family members who work or help out in your business; children, neighbours, contractors and visitors.

How can I keep track of who is entering my property?

Safe Ag Systems has a Visitor Log which can be added to your subscription under the Manage People menu tab. For more information, head to how to use the visitor log. 

If you would like the Visitor Log added to your subscription contact the Safe Ag Systems Client Support Team at help@safeagsystems.com or call +1 888 431 3130.

How do I connect with Contractors?

You can connect easily with a contractor through the Safe Ag Systems Contractor Directory.

How can I order signs for Contractors and Visitors?

Safe Ag Systems also sells signs and QR code labels to use for Contractors and Visitors. You can also attach QR code labels to inventory items. These can be ordered at our online store.

Further Support

Safe Ag Systems offers different levels of support which can be tailored to suit your requirements.

I want to talk to a member of the team

Safe Ag System’s friendly Client Support Team are available between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Monday – Friday. Contact us at help@safeagsystems.com or call +1 888 431 3130.

Do you offer webinars or videos where I can learn at my own pace?

Safe Ag Systems offers topic specific webinars covering a range of areas including setting up your safety system or engaging your workers.

I want access to articles that answer my queries

Our online Knowledge Base provides resources and guidance across the entire system.

Relevant articles can be accessed at any time within the system by clicking on the "?" icon in the top right-hand side of the screen.

How do I organise one-on-one support?

The Safe Ag Systems Client Support Team can provide tailored support and assistance to setup and implement your safety system. Contact us at help@safeagsystems.com or call +1 888 431 3130 to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with a tailored plan and quote.

I need additional help managing my Safety System

Safe Ag Systems has partnered with a network of consultants across Australia and the United Kingdom. Providing direct support, Consultants can assist businesses in setting up and implementing a safety system. 

Of all the options researched, Safe Ag Systems is catered to our industry and the team has been so supportive.
Ryan and Janna Greir, Whispering Cedars Ranch, Canada