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App Version 2.4.4 - 16/11/2020

  • Former "Safety Checklists" have been renamed to "Procedures"

  • NEW Interactive Checklists functionality via new desktop builder.

  • Ability to access checklists access and run checklists attached to inventory including chemicals, or run standalone

  • View Policies uploaded as a PDF

  • New quick 'Add Task' button added to Footer, Emergency icon changed

  • Multiple fixes and Improvements to "My People"

Desktop Version 2.228 - 16/11/2020

  • New Drag and Drop Checklist Builder
  • New Document Versioning System for Checklists
  • New Checklists able to be attached to all Inventory types 
  • Addition of 18 new Checklist Templates
  • Added ability to upload a PDF for Policies
  • Site wide rename of "Checklist" to "Procedures"
  • Updated "Carousel" to showcase new features
  • Manage People: Large Overhaul of functionality and styling
  • Manage People: Added Ability to Add Training Record to a selected user
  • Manage People: Added Ability to Assign Inductions to a selected user
  • Manage People: Ability to view "Business Records" for a Contractor Business
  • New record types added to Personnel / Business Records (Contract Documents, Insurance Records)
  • Inductions: Archived records now show in Inductions section when filtering on "Status > Archived". No longer shown in "Administration > Archive"
  • Training Register: Archived records now show in Training Register section when filtering on "Status > Archived". No longer shown in "Administration > Archive"
  • Training Register: All Current Training and Scheduled Training now displayed in a single tab
  • Task Manager: Updated styling for add/edit task popup
  • LHS Menu Reshuffle and Styling updates
  • Style / Layout Updates (7 day trial, full registration, contractor registration, login, reset password screens)


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Desktop Version 2.214 - 20/09/2020

Updated following email templates with a new look:

  • Contractor Connection Request
  • Contractor Platform Invitation
  • Visitor Induction Invite
  • Xero Import
  • Password Reset

App Version 2.4.2 - 29/07/2020

  • Fixes to QR Scanner not functioning on second use on Login screen.
  • Fixes to Log Machine Engine/Hours records with decimal point.
  • Improved safety checklist, hazard list and hazard map display.
  • Improved noticeboard data loading speed.
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