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App 2.4.25 (4420), Desktop v2.506


Desktop Version v2.506, App 2.4.25 (4420), - 19/01/2023

In this latest release, there have been a number of fixes and improvements as listed below.


  • Menu item ‘Audits’ changed to ‘AgAuditor’.
  • Adding/editing a review date on a document using the Edit Attributes option will now generate a notification 7 days prior to the Review Date.
  • Added new inventory Types and Category values for Machinery, Structures and Tools.
  • Now able to report on archived Training Records.
  • In the Management Portal, ‘Update For Company’ document option has been changed to ‘Update for companies’.
  • And other minor fixes.


  • Fixed an issue where updating the Status of a task wasn't immediately reflected.
  • Fixed the crashing of App for a new user after verifying an email address.
  • Fixed an issue where Contractors and Contract Businesses were not receiving Noticeboard notifications.
  • Fixed the crashing of App when attempting to view a document linked to a task.
  • Added new inventory Types and Category values for Machinery, Structures and Tools.
  • Fixed an issue where location items wouldn’t display while offline.
  • And other minor fixes.

Desktop and App

New Inventory Types added:

  • For Machinery:  Aviation, Spraying, Harvesting, Farm Equipment

  • For Structures:  Sheds, Livestock facilities, Automatic doors

  • For Tools:  Office equipment, Power supply

New Inventory Categories added:

  • For Machinery:  Gyrocopter, Canopy sprayer, walnut harvester, Almond harvester, Tree shaker, Nut sweeper, Undervine sweeper, Stationary engine (frost fans)

  • For Structures:  Packhouse, Pastures/Paddocks, Roller doors

  • For Tools:  Computer, Printers, Extension cords

Previous Product Updates

Browse our previous software release notes and features by version below.

Desktop v2.500, App 2.4.23 (4044) - 12/11/2022

In this latest release, Notifications has new functionality to make it easier to stay informed.

Manage Notifications

Users can now manage notifications for actions and updates ensuring you don’t miss important information.

Manage your notifications by marking them as read or archive them.

For further information about managing your notifications, you can read the How to Manage Notifications article in our Knowledge Base.

Deep Linking

We’ve now made it easier to navigate. By tapping on the notification you will be sent direct to the relevant section of the App. This is what we call ‘Deep Linking’.

Bulk Publishing Checklists, Policies, Procedures and Audits 

Users can now publish multiple documents (bulk publish) from the following tabs:

  • Draft tab

  • Template Library tab (SAS Template tab for Management Portal Users)

  • Company Templates tab

This functionality is also available for Management Portal users. Management Portal users can also bulk update documents in connected sites after creating a new version of a document in the portal.

Desktop Version - 27/10/2022

  • Bulk create policies, procedures and checklists using templates
  •  & improved viewing and printing of checklist logs to include information such as the completion date in the footer
  •  & further enhancements to conditional logic to enable you to specify a label when adding multiple records in a checklist (e.g. add a record to check lights, check tyres, etc).

Desktop Version 2.444 - 17/06/2022

  • Import your items into your map from another mapping system

Desktop Version 2.436 - 31/05/2022

  • Draw polygons (allows you to map paddocks), & Checklist enhancements to add People, Inventory and Location dropdown fields to the form
  • Added Record Repeater element (i.e. can utilise Add Record button in a form so that the user can add the same fields multiple times)

Desktop Version 2.415, App Version 2.4.14 - 26/03/2022

Advanced Task Management

New features added to Task Manager:

  • Create “Anyone” tasks - any worker can then work on these.
  • Create “Unassigned” tasks on the go and assign them to a worker later.
  • Multiple assignees - assign a task to multiple people so that any assignee can complete the task, or a separate task is created per person in one go.
  • Attach checklists, policies, procedures and other documents to tasks to provide a refresher on your safety information.
  • Improved activity feed provides comprehensive information regarding comments and amendments recorded for a task.
  • Specify task position on your map

Enhanced Hazard Mapping

  • A new suite of icons is available to differentiate your hazards, structures, biosecurity and more with the hazard mapping tool. You can map your hazards and other items straight from the mobile app.
  • A line mapping tools is available to define property boundaries, roads, traffic flow, etc.

Introducing Conditional Logic

When creating checklists, you can now include conditional logic to tailor forms based on your needs. You can create a question and include conditions to hide or display a field based on the respondent’s answer (and much more). e.g. If a particular answer is given, prompt the user to add a task or to enter further details.


The diversity across commodities and constant feedback straight to the Safe Ag Systems' team allows technology to improve our product offering to our valued clients.
Katy Landt, CEO, Safe Ag Systems