Emergency Management

Keep your employees safe and give them easy access to important information in an emergency.


Establish the framework for your agribusiness’ safety system

Alert employees of an emergency with the touch of a button.

Employees can trigger a fire or medical emergency via the mobile app. This will send an emergency notification to all employees, and pin the emergency GPS coordinates to the noticeboard.

All your emergency information in your employees pocket.

In the event of an emergency employees and connected contractors can quickly access your key emergency contacts to ensure fast communication in a time critical situation.

Your emergency response plans and directions for emergency services can also easily be accessed.


Access to health action plans.

Create health actions plans for individuals, so employees can quickly access information on how to respond if an individual has a medical episode.

Know your employees last location in case of an emergency.

Your employees can log in and let you know if they have arrived safely at work or have left the workplace. When your employees mark themselves At Work the Safe Ag Systems app will now update their location each time they open the app.

Since the introduction of Safe Ag Systems, we’ve been able to digitize all of our policies, our procedures, our emergency management, everything all in to one digital platform.
Robert Cox, Amaretto Almonds, Australia