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Completing a Near Miss & Incident Report

Safe Ag Systems Near Miss & Incident reporting tool is an intuitive questionnaire which asks for specific information to cover off your Near Miss & Incident reporting requirements. All information recorded is confidential to your business.


Completing a Near Miss & Incident Report is available on Desktop only.

If completing an existing report started on App

  1. In the left side menu, select Safety Manager > Near Miss and Incident.
  2. Find the applicable report and click Resume.
  3. Now move to step 4 listed below.

Creating a Near Miss and Incident Report from new on Desktop

  1. In the left side menu, select Safety Manager > Near Miss and Incident and then click Add New.
  2. Enter report title, location and date of incident.
  3. Click Create Report.
  4. Complete the form as required.
    1. The Essentials
      1. Upload images as required
      2. Add key Witnesses
    2. Severity
    3. Injuries
    4. Evidence
    5. Take Action
    6. Sign Off
      1. Sign using the mouse or upload signature
  5. (OptionalCreate a Task – if at any stage you require to take action to rectify an identified issue you can create a task by clicking the Create a Task Icon at the top of the page. This will automatically insert the details of the Near Miss & Incident report within the task details so you can trace the task back to the applicable report.
  6. Once finished click Complete.


  • Once a report is signed off and completed it is saved as Read Only in the Existing Reports tab.
  • Items marked with an asterisk * are mandatory fields.
  • Save the report at any stage to complete at a later date.