How to Generate your Safe Ag Systems Usage Certificate

Would you like to use your Safety Rating to negotiate a discount with your insurance provider? We provide you with the ability to download your Usage Certificate to provide evidence of your commitment to safety in your workplace.

A Usage Certificate is only available if you have gained a Average, Good or High safety rating. If this feature is not available use the following article for directions on How to Improve your Safety Rating. 

  1. To access your Safe Ag Systems Usage Certificate navigate to the Compliance Assessment tile on the Dashboard and click on the 3-dot-v menu.

  2. Select Generate Certificate and you will be asked to Recalculate Rating. It is best to recalculate your Safety Rating so it is up to date for your certificate.

  3. This will then present you with your certificate. Scroll to the bottom of your certificate to print to PDF or to a printer.


To get tips and hints on how to improve your score by section see How to Improve your Safety Rating.

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