Accessing your Safety Rating

Our Safety Rating takes into account the usage of your system and provides you with a guide on what you can do to improve your safety practices and record keeping.

Your Safety Rating provides you with a snapshot of the health of your safety system and is calculated based on activity and actions taken within the program.  It provides you with access to a full breakdown of your rating, so you can easily identify the areas that need some extra attention.

The Safety Rating has four tiers - Low, Average, Good and High.

Would you like to use your Safety Rating to negotiate a discount with your insurance provider? We provide you with the ability to download a usage rating certificate to provide evidence of your commitment to Safety in your workplace. This feature will only be available once you have gained a Usage Rating of at least Average.

How to generate your Safe Ag Systems Usage Certificate

How to access your Full Assessment

The Full Assessment is broken down into the following sections:

  • Business Details
  • People
  • Inventory
  • Safety Manager
  • Policies And Checklists 
  • Noticeboard

  1. To Access your Full Assessment navigate to the Compliance Assessment tile on the Dashboard and click Safety Rating (or select Full Assessment from the 3-dot2 menu).

  2. The Full Assessment shows each of the sections and their rating.

  3. Click on each section to open the tab to see how your Safety Rating is performing in each section. 

To get tips and hints on how to improve your score by section see How to Improve your Safety Rating.

If any of your inventory records, such as machinery and equipment, structures, tools and chemicals are managed outside of Safe Ag Systems you can opt out of these sections so they don't impact your overall rating. 

If you have made changes to a section of your Safe Ag System that may impact your rating, click Recalculate for an updated score.

What's Next?

How to Improve your Safety Rating

How to generate your Safe Ag Systems Usage Certificate