How to Improve your Safety Rating

Your Safety Rating is broken down into the different functionalities of Safe Ag Systems and below we offer some guidance on how you could improve your rating for each section.

Business Details
Safety Manager
Policies and Checklists

Business Details

Business Contacts

Record Business Contacts on the Business Details screen to clearly identify key roles within your business. The following roles should be recorded at a minimum -  Officer of the PCBU, WHS Administrator and Key Emergency Contact.

Managing your Business Details


Add and map your locations to enable emergency information to be recorded against specific sites and add details of hazards. 

Mapping a Location
Adding Hazards to a Mapped Location


Manage People

Record details of your employees and contractors then provide them with system access so that safety related information can be captured and communicated to everyone performing work at your site. Details of health plans for individuals should also be recorded for use in the event of an emergency.

Adding a New User
Adding a Worker Health Record


Link to a contracting business or add contractors so that safety related information can be captured and communicated to everyone performing work for your business. Attach evidence of insurance for all your contractor companies by uploading the relevant documents as a training record.

Connecting to a Contractor Business through the Contractor Directory


Assign inductions to all users to ensure the necessary information and instructions are being communicated to protect them from risks to their health and safety. These inductions should be completed and signed off by both the inductee and inductor within a fortnight.

Adding a New Induction
Assigning Inductions to Workers
Assigning and Completing a Visitor Induction

Training Register

Record details of all your workers training, qualifications and licences to verify that individuals have the required training and skills

Adding a Training Record for a Worker
Scheduling Training for a Worker


If any of your inventory items are recorded in another system, contact us to find out how you can bulk import your inventory into Safe Ag Systems.

Please note that if any of your inventory records, such as machinery and equipment, structures, tools and chemicals are managed outside of Safe Ag Systems you can opt out of these sections so they don't impact your overall rating. 

Machinery & Equipment

Recording your machinery/equipment allows your business to record and communicate machine specific information including maintenance records, linked Checklists/SWPs, registration expiry (where applicable) and lockouts.

Adding a new Inventory Item


Recording your structures allows your business to record and communicate information including maintenance records, linked Checklists/SWPs and lockouts.

Adding a new Inventory Item


Recording your tools allows your business to link Checklists/SWPs, record lockouts, and where relevant record maintenance and test/tag details.

Adding a new Inventory Item


Recording your chemicals and attaching safety data sheets gives you the ability to provide essential safety information to your workers. Safety instructions should also be recorded so it is available offline.

Adding a New Chemical

Safety Manager

Task Manager

Create tasks for each of your workers to keep track of what needs to be done through the week, and follow up any incomplete tasks. Record a task for all jobs, e.g. maintenance, inspections, reminders.

Adding a New Task

Emergency Management

Record contact details (per location) for your important contacts on the Emergency screen; e.g. First Aid Officer, Site Manager, local hospital and doctor contact details.

This information will be available to workers on the mobile device (via the Emergency icon in the bottom right of the screen).

Adding Emergency Information

Near Miss and Incident

Record details of any near misses, incidents, injuries or hazards that have occurred or have been identified on your site. It's important to record all near misses and hazards to identify areas for improvement. Reports should be investigated and signed off promptly.

Near Miss and Incident Overview

Inspection Reports

Inspections should be performed regularly and recorded in the system. You can create your own inspections or you can select from a range of our templates. (Once created, inspections are run on the App).

Starting an Inspection

Policies & Checklists/SWPs

By specifying your commodities and region within Safe Ag Systems enables the system to highlight core and relevant policies for your business. 

Content Guidance Setup


Policies set the foundation for safety in your business. You can create your own policies or select from our templates. Policies can then be communicated to workers by attaching them to inductions.

Adding a New Policy


Checklists/Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) should be created and regularly accessed by workers to ensure that a task or activity is conducted in way to reduce risk of injury, e.g. operating machinery, tools and equipment, using chemicals, performing specific tasks. Checklists/SWPs can then be attached to inventory items and accessed easily by scanning a QR Code.

Adding a New Checklist/ SWP


It's important to share information about safety with your workers on a weekly basis. Use the Noticeboard to help achieve this and provide your workers with frequent updates.