Who's at Work?

Get notified when your workers arrive and leave work safely, and locate them quickly in an Emergency.

Who's at Work feature is only available on the App.

Before you start

  • You will need to have Mapped a Location. This will mean that if a user is located within the boundaries of one of your mapped locations the location name will be displayed.
  • You will need to have Added a User.

Please note that a users location is updated within the Safe Ag Systems App every time they login and use the app.


  1. Tap the Who's at Work icon located on the bottom menu of the app, for a list of users currently marked At Work

    At Work Icon
  2. Underneath the At Work/Not at Work toggle, this will display a list of users currently marked as At Work. This will also display for each user, what mapped location they are currently in and when their location was last updated.

  3. If a user has Location Permissions or Locations turned off for either the Safe Ag Systems App or their entire phone, the display in the Who's at Work screen will show as per below.

    Location permission off
  4. To view a users location on a map, tap on the user. The user will be displayed on the map as a green icon while other users will be displayed as white icons.

  5. If you wish to receive an up to date location for a particular user, Supervisors and Business Administrators will have the option to send a notification to a user to get them to open the app, which will then trigger an update to their location.
    1. The User will receive a notification that their Supervisor or Business Administrators has requested location.  The user can tap on the notification from the app or the bell-icon notification and it will open to I am at Work Screen and toggle green to show At Work
  6. If a user's location is more than 30 seconds old a  exclamation mark icon will appear next to the users name at the top of the map. To send a notification tap the exclamation mark icon and then select Send Notification
  7. Once the user has opened the Mobile App, their location will be updated.