How to mark yourself 'At Work' or 'Not at Work'

Let your manager know that you have safely arrived at work or left for the day.

Before you start

You will need to ensure location permissions are turned on. If your phone has locations permissions turned off for Safe Ag Systems a red locations symbol will appear next to your current status in the Who's at Work section as per below.

I am at work setting

Please note that your location is updated within the Safe Ag Systems App every time you login and use the app.


On Mobile App

  1. The red/green indicator on the Who's at Work icon will show if you are marked as ‘At Work’ or ‘Not At Work’.

    Marked at Work Symbol = Marked 'At Work'

    Marked not at work symbol = Marked 'Not at Work'
  2. To change your status tap the Who's at Work icon.

    Marked at work symbol
  3. Tap the toggle at the top of the screen to change your status. The text will read 'I am At Work' or 'I am Not At Work'

    I am At Work
  4. When your status is updated this will send a notification to Business Administrators and Supervisors, if they have this notification turned on in their System Configuration. How to Manage Notifications will explain how to set your System Configurations.
    IMG_0051  IMG_0052

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