Managing Notifications

Notifications are triggered to flag actions requiring your attention. These are specific to each user and can be accessed from the bell icon on the Desktop.

Note: Your Access Level may restrict the use of some features.

For app notifications, see Managing Notification (App).

Click the notification bell in the top menu to view notifications.

Select View All Notifications at the bottom of the notifications dropdown to display the full page list.

This list displays the 15 most recent notifications with a Load more feature at the bottom to load 15 more at a time.

  1. Click on more options to expand and show full notification details.
    You can then choose to Archive or Mark as Read.
  2. Toggles (at the top of the list) control whether to:
    1. Show unread only or all notifications
    2. Display or hide Archived notifications
  3. More options menu (at the top of the list) allows you to:
    1. Mark all as Read - sets all notifications on the desktop to read.
    2. Archive All - sets all notifications to archived. 
      Archived notifications can only be viewed using the Archived toggle mentioned above.

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