How to Manage Notifications

A User’s notifications e.g. the list they can see in the bell icon on Desktop and App are specific to the User. It is important to check that all notification settings are ON for. SAS App.

App Notifications

  1. Text that is displayed on the App screen or lock screen to alert you to the fact you have a notification.
  2. Notifications listed in the bell-icon on top right corner of the App.

Actions for App Notification via the Bell icon

On the App a user can view non-archived notifications in the Notification List . Users can see all their unread and read notifications that are less than 30 days old.

  1. menu for each notification will open the full notification. You can choose to Archive or Mark as Read.
  2. Archive will remove the notification and put into Archived section which can only be viewed from the Desktop.
  3. Mark As Read will keep the notification in the bell list and be seen as read for up to 30 days.
  4. You can choose between Show All and Show Unread Only by tapping the option at the top.
  5. By using a long press, it will open the full notification in view mode at the bottom of the screen.  You can then Archive or Mark as Read.

Desktop Notification - Notifications listed via bell-icon in top right corner

Actions for Desktop Notification via Bell

On the Desktop a user can view recent notifications in the Notification list or on the full page list that loads after clicking View All Notifications from the .

The Notification list displays the 15 most recent notifications with a View All Notifications feature at the bottom to load 15 more at a time.

  1. View notification by clicking on the menu to expand and show full details. You can choose to Archive or Mark as Read.
  2. Toggle to view your Notifications in the following ways:
    1. Show unread only displays only unread notifications
    2. Archived displays all archived notifications
  3. the menu will allow you to:
    1. Mark all as Read sets all notifications on the desktop to read.
    2. Archive All sets all notifications to archived.  These can only be retrieved from the archived toggle setting as mentioned above.

System Configuration Notifications 

Business Administrators can use the new System Configuration screen to control whether or not they wish At Work/Not At Work and Visitor Sign In/Sign Out notifications to be generated for all access levels within their business. 

Only businesses with the Visitor Log enabled on their subscription will have the option to configure notifications for Visitors. Click to learn more about the Safe Ag Systems Visitor Log Overview

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