Inductions Overview (Building)

Inductions are a formal way you can introduce your farm rules and expectations to workers and visitors. This article explains the process of building an induction.

Inductions can only be built by users with Business Administrator or Supervisor access.

Safe Ag Systems provides a library of common inductions that can be edited to suit the needs of your business. These can be accessed from the Copy From Template tab.

If you already have inductions that you use, you can create these using the Create My Own function on the Inductions screen.

Inductions can be sent to workers or visitors from People > Start Induction or on the mobile app under Inductions > Assign Inductions.

A QR Code can be generated for an Induction (using the Generate QR Code function on the Create or Edit tab) for use by visitors or contractors on your property. (Available for Professional subscriptions only.)

For information on how to assign and run inductions go to:
Inductions Overview - Running Inductions

What's Next?

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Inductions Overview - Running Inductions