Adding a New Induction

This tutorial will guide you through how to create a new induction by creating your own or utilising one of our many templates.

Inductions within Safe Ag Systems are made up of a series of statements.

Each statement will have the following:

  • Categories -  Separate the induction into smaller sections by using categories. It helps to set the statement context for the inductee when reading the statement while on the App where the induction is organised into categories.
  • Statements - Details the expectations of the safety and operational aspects of your business to inductees. An inductee is required to agree or disagree to each statement.
  • (Optional) Attached Link - If you have an external link you wish to attach to the statement such as an external document located on a website, you can add this here.
  • (Optional) Attached Policy - Attach one of your signed off policies to an induction statement.
  • (Optional) Attached Image - Attach an image to a statement that helps further communicate your statements message.

Tip: Try to use statements that start with " I ".

e.g. "I will always ask my Manager if I do not understand what I have been asked to do".

Create your own Induction

Create an Induction using a Safe Ag Systems template

Create your own Induction

  1. From the left menu, select Documents & Files > Inductions and click Create My Own.
  2. Enter the name of the induction and click Save.
  3. Add a Category and Statement for the first statement.
  4. To add a new statement click Add new statement.
    1. (Optional) Add a link
      To add a link to an induction, click on the link icon for that statement, copy the URL from the required website and click Save. Once a link has been added the icon on the statement will become blue to indicate there is a link attached.

      add link icon

    2. (Optional) Add a policy
      Once a policy is signed off, it can be attached to an induction statement.  Click on the attached policy icon (middle icon), select the required policy from the drop down list and click Save. Only signed off policies will be available in the drop down.

      add policy icon

    3. (Optional) Add an image
      To add an image to an induction, click on the image icon (right icon) for that statement. A box will pop up to allow the user to select the image from their computer file directories. Click Save. Once an image has been added the icon on the statement will become blue to indicate there is an image attached.

      add image icon

    4. To delete a statement click the Trash Can icon in the applicable statement.

      trash can icon

    5. To move the position of a statement click the Drag and Drop button or use the up/down arrows.

      drag and drop icon
  5. Once all required statements have been created click Save.

Creating an Induction using a Safe Ag Systems template

  1. From the left menu, select Documents and Templates > Induction Builder > Copy From Template.
  2. The inductions can be reviewed prior to selecting by clicking on View.
  3. To select an induction, click the grey box on the left side. Multiple inductions can be selected at one time.
  4. Click on Copy Template.


  5. A window will appear asking if would like a unique name for the copies of the templates. Amend as required.
  6. Click Save.

If you would like to edit a selected Safe Ag Systems template please see the following tutorial. Editing an Existing Induction


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