Inspections Overview

An Inspection is a formal process for identifying and reporting potential hazards, identifying the risks those hazards present and identifying and implementing strategies to ensure the hazards are controlled.

Inspections are completed on the App and the resulting reports are saved under the Inspection Reports tab.

Inspections will be replaced by Checklists soon to make them easier to build and run.

We will continue to support the Inspections module until the move is complete.

All Inspection templates can already be located in the checklists Template Library.

Navigate to Documents & Files > Checklists and click on the Template Library tab. Type Inspections in the Search keyword field to bring up all inspection templates.

Start using these now and attach inspection checklists to inventory or when assigning a task

The following link explains how to use checklists and provides further links to checklist help:

Checklists Overview

Starting an Inspection

Editing an Inspection

Creating a New Inspection

View an Inspection Report

Printing an Inspection Report