Making a Policy Active

Once a policy is ready to be published you will need to sign it off to make it active

Before you start

On Desktop Only


  1. In the side menu, select Documents and Files > Policies, then click the In Progress tab.

  2. Click Edit on the applicable policy.
  3. At the bottom of the document, you have the option to draw your signature or upload a saved image file of your signature.

  4. Once you have drawn your signature or uploaded an image file click Save Policy.
    Note – The Policy will move to the Active Policies tab and will now be available to attach to inductions


Creating a signature image to upload

  1. Sign a white piece of paper with your signature.
  2. Scan the A4 sheet into your computer using a scanner and save the file.
  3. Open the scanned document on your computer. Search your computer for the ‘Snipping Tool’ (Windows PC) and open. Using the drop down next to the ‘New Button’ select ‘Rectangular snip’. For iOS (Apple) systems press Shift + Command + 4. This will bring up crosshairs as your cursor.
  4. Use the mouse to select just your signature. Save this snip as an image file onto your computer. On iOS your image will be automatically saved to the desktop.
  5. Use this image file when required to upload a signature to sign off Safe Ag System documentation.