Worker Records

Manage and keep track of important health details, induction records, current training qualifications and employment contracts.


Manage all your worker records in one location.

Store all your worker's key contact information as well as health records and health action plans that can be accessed in the case of an emergency situation. This ensures that your workers can know what to do if one of your workers had a medical episode.

You can also store worker documents such as Employment contracts, Position descriptions or Performance Reviews.

Inductions available whenever you need them.

Send inductions to workers and contractors from wherever you are via the mobile app, allowing you to work remotely.

Have a visitor coming onto your property? Send them an induction before they arrive or simply initiate a visitor induction on the mobile app for them to complete.



Keep on top of all your workers training records.

Easily maintain records of all your worker's Qualifications, Licences and Certificates within the Training Register with the ability to set expiry dates to receive reminders when training is due again.

Safe Ag Systems also allows you to schedule in any upcoming or required training for your workers.

It takes away all that paperwork and all that other red tape that we don’t like.
Damon Coats, Illfracombe, VIC, Australia