Task Management

A powerful feature to increase efficiency in your farming operations.
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Centralise your to-do list with our Task Manager.


Manage all your tasks in one place.

Track tasks, communicate with your team, and monitor status with clear reports. Manage your workload and stay focused on what’s important with an overview of your operations.
Stay on top of scheduled maintenance or generate tasks from a Near Miss and Incident report, Risk Assessment or Safety inspection. Task Manager can help you manage safety hazards, so you can communicate quickly.

Assign tasks on the go.

Simply choose from a general task or a corrective action, set due dates and priority levels. Assign the task to one, multiple or groups of workers in one step.
While out in the field, create a task on the App - add details, images or screenshots, and pin the location. Attach checklists, procedures and link other documents to ensure your workers have all the information.

Help your team prioritise their workload.

Once you have assigned the task, your worker will receive a notification. To keep up to date on the task status, workers can add notes and once done, mark the task as complete.
Optimise your resources by removing duplicate tasks. Redirect your valuable resources elsewhere and keep on top of regular tasks. Evenly distribute your workload and spot outstanding tasks at a glance.

A task manager available wherever you are.

Pin tasks to your farm map so workers know the location of the job and its proximity to surrounding hazards.
No matter where you are, you’re always in touch. Don’t let a dodgy connection slow you down. Task Manager works outside of connectivity, storing your updates until you return online.

Safety Management made for Agriculture


Inventory Management

Digitally manage your machinery, equipment and chemicals. Track inventory usage and access records when you need them.

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Near Miss and Incident Reporting

Manage Near Miss and Incidents to drive continuous improvements. Effortlessly kick off a report with the App.

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Run safety inspections to identify potential hazards and dangers. Use the hazard map and noticeboard to communicate.

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I get issued tasks through Safe Ag Systems when my boss, submits a task, it pops up on my phone and it’s 100% updated all the time and I know what I’ve got to do next, and what I’ve done.

Murnong Farms
VIC, Australia