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Attaching a Document To An Inventory Item

Documents can be attached to an inventory item for workers to view and complete or accept when operating machinery or equipment. These documents can include Safe Work Procedures, Checklists or Policies.


Note - This function is only available in a Professional or Enterprise subscription.

Before you start

On Desktop Only

  1. In the side menu, select Inventory > Machinery and Equipment, Structures or Tools and click on the applicable inventory item.
  2. Navigate to the Attach Documents tab. 

  3. Here you will see any previously attached Checklists or Safe Work Procedures. You can add more by clicking the Attach Document button on the right of the screen. 

    Attach Document menu
  4. Choose from a drop down list of your published Procedures or Checklists and select the one you want. 
    Procedure RecordsChecklist Records

View Acceptance and Completed Logs 

1. Easily view Logs of Accepted Procedures and Completed Checklists under the corresponding tabs.

Checklist logs