Creating a new Checklist

Safe Ag Systems checklist builder provides you with the ability to create digital checklists that your workers can easily access and run on the mobile app. Develop your own unique checklists to collect the information you need.


Checklists within Safe Ag Systems are built by utilising a suite of builder elements that is broken into two categories. The first category is Content elements, which can be used to present information within the checklist. This includes the ability to present text,  images, videos, external links, and link active policies. The second category is Response elements, which are used to collect information. Response elements enable you to insert free text, date, and number fields as well as dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio select buttons. You also have the ability for users to upload files and sign off on the checklist.


Checklist Builder Overview

Content Elements

Headings - Use headings to break your documents into sections. You can select from 3 heading sizes.
Paragraph - Present a body of information within the checklist. For example an introduction and instructions for completing the checklist.
External Link - Link to external sources that may be relevant to the checklist via a URL.
Image - Insert any images that may assist with instructions on how to complete tasks within the checklist
SAS Document - Attach any of your Active Safe Ag Systems Policies or Procedures
PPE - Insert PPE icons that are relevant to the checklist
Video Embed - Have an instructional video hosted on Youtube or Vimeo? These can be added into the checklist via our Video Embed element.
Separator - Separate the content of your checklist into different sections.
Page Break - Have a long checklist you want to be broken up, use the page break element to separate the checklist into different pages.

Response Elements

All response elements can be set as required so that crucial fields have to be completed in order for the checklist to be submitted.

Text Field - Use text fields to collect written responses within checklists. You can select from single-line or multi-line responses.
Date -
This field captures a specified date
Number Field -
This field only accepts numeric inputs to be placed in one line
Dropdown List -
Create a dropdown selection list to set the types of responses you require.
Check-Boxes -
Create check-box lists for individuals to complete.
Radio Buttons -
Require a specific response for your checklist, then utilise the Radio button element.
File Upload
- Request that any relevant images are taken and uploaded while running the checklist on the Mobile App
 - Require a signature at the end of the checklist, simply drag and drop this element in and make it required.  

Draw - Upload an image that can have a response drawn on to it by the person completing the checklist. 


To utilise an element you simply drag and drop the required elements into the checklist from the builder elements library.

This then presents you with the options to set up the content of the element as required.

Once an element is inserted into your checklist, the element can be edited, saved as a library element, deleted or duplicated as per the available icons.

To reposition an element within your checklist simply click and drag the element to its new location.

To create a new checklist within our checklist builder you have the option of creating your own or selecting from one of our templates.

Create your own checklist
Create a checklist using a Safe Ag Systems template

Create your own checklist

  1. Navigate to Documents & Files > Checklists and then select Template Library.

  2. Give your new checklist a title and hit Next. This will take you to our checklist builder to create your own checklist.
  3. At any stage, you can select the Preview to review what your checklist will look like on the desktop, and App on both a tablet or mobile device

  4. Once complete you can Publish the checklist via the Preview screen or within the Drafts tab via the 3 dot menu.

When editing a checklist your document is automatically saved and the time of last save is displayed in the header bar.

Once a checklist is published you won't have the ability to edit the checklist. The only way to update a published checklist is to create a new version and replace the original checklist. 

Create a checklist using a Safe Ag Systems template

  1. Navigate to Documents & Files > Checklists and then select Template Library

  2. To preview a template simply click the title of the template.
  3. To copy one of our templates click the 3 dot menu and select Use Template.

  4. This will give you the opportunity to either update the title or keep its existing title.
  5. Once copied the checklist will be available under Drafts tab where you can either edit to suit your requirements or simply publish via the 3 dot menu.

Once a checklist is published you won't have the ability to edit the checklist. The only way to update a published checklist is to create a new version and replace the original checklist.