Adding User Health Record

Health Records provide critical information for workers with live threatening conditions.

Before you start

Desktop Only

  1. From the left side menu, select People > Manage People.
  2. Find the user tile for the individual and click the 3-dot-png-1 menu, then select Edit.
  3. Select the Personnel Records tab, click Add Record and select Health Record from the dropdown list. 
  4. Complete the form as required and add expiry date if applicable.
    Information entered into the description of associated symptoms, cause or associated triggers, or the preventative action fields will only be able to be viewed by Business Administrators in the Manage People section.
  5. (Optional) Upload supporting documentation.
  6. (Optional) Create an Action Plan (in the text editor field under the Create Health Action Plan  heading) ensuring all necessary information is provided in the event of an emergency situation.
  7. (Optional) Tick Allow action plan to be viewed by workers (to ensure that the information entered under the Create Health Action Plan heading is visible on the App via the Emergency icon to everyone in the event of an emergency).

  • Name of condition/illness will define the name of the action plan on the mobile app.
  • Supporting documents can only be viewed by Business Administrators in the Manage People section.
  • Health Action Plan details will be available to users via the App. Uploaded images or videos will not be available in off-line mode so explain the Health Action Plan in the text as much as possible. Refer to Accessing a Worker Health Action Plan on the app.
  • Ticking Allow action plan to be viewed by workers checkbox gives permission for the Health Action Plan to be viewed by all users on the mobile app in the Emergency section. If left unticked then the plan can only be seen by Business Administrators on the App.

What's Next?

Add a training record