Adding a Personnel Record to a User

Save important documents and information relating to your workers to their user profile for easy access.

This feature is only accessible to Professional and Enterprise Subscribers.

Records can include employee contracts, employment records, position descriptions, performance reviews, health records, work cover management plans and insurance records.

Before you start

Desktop Only

  1. From the left side menu, select People > Manage People.
  2. Find the user tile for the individual and click the 3-dot-png-1 menu, then select Edit.

  3. Select the Personnel Records tab, click Add Record button and select the applicable record type from the dropdown list.

  4. Enter all relevant fields including record Title, a brief Description, an Expiry Date (if applicable) and upload the relevant document.
  5. This record is now stored against the user within your system.

For further information on uploading a Health Record see our Adding a Health Record tutorial