Checklist/SWP Reporting

Before you start

On Desktop – Checklist/SWP Reporting – Inventory Specific Checklists

  1. In the side menu, select Inventory > Machinery and Equipment, Structures or Tools and find the applicable item.
  2. Click Checklist button and then select the Checklist Logs tab.

On Desktop – Checklist/SWP Reporting – All Accepted Checklists

  1. In the side menu, select Administration > Reporting > Checklists Show me all checklists Completed
  2. (Optional) Click Export as CSV/Export To Excel/Print Report

On Phone/Device – An Individual Users Accepted Checklists

  1. In the menu, select People select the applicable user and select View Checklist Logs.
  2. To view a checklist record in detail tap the applicable record.