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How to log hours or kilometres for machinery and equipment

Before you start

Log hours/km's on Mobile App
Log hours/km's on desktop

Log hours/km's on Mobile App

  1. Open the applicable inventory item
    1. From the main menu, select InventoryMachinery then tap on the inventory item or,
    2. Scan the item’s QR Code
  2. If hours/kilometres recording is setup for this inventory item a popup will display asking if you wish to Add new Engine hours reading?

    Log Engine Hours
  3. Engine hours Logged (DD/MM/YYYY) will display the last recorded reading and the date it was recorded. Enter the new reading into Current Engine Hours and tap Save

    Logging hours or kms 2

Log hours/km's on Desktop

  1. From the side menu select Inventory Machinery and Equipment then find the applicable inventory tile.
  2. Click on the 3 Dot Menu and select Edit

    Inventory 3 dot menu
  3. Navigate to the Maintenance Details section and enter the new hours/km's into the Engine Hours / Odometer Reading (kms) field.

    Maintenance details - engine hours and odometer reading
  4. Once Saved the date will display for the last entry

    saved maintenance details

Whats next?