Implementation - Step 6 - Procedures

Safe Work Procedures are the farm rules around how workers must operate machines or undertake particular tasks.

Document and Files menu

Navigate to Documents and Files > Procedures in the left hand menu

Create Procedures

  • If you already have Safe Work Procedures you can replicate them using the ‘Build New’ button on the right hand side
  • If you have none, use the Template Library tab at the top
  • Click on the 3 dots on the RHS and select ‘Use Template’ and ‘Customise’ – this will save the SWP to the ‘Drafts’ tab
    Farm Workshop Safe work procedure
  • Edit the SWP
  • The following article will provide step by step instructions on how to create a procedure:

How to Create and Use Procedures

  • When you are happy with the contents, 'Publish'
  • Policies and Procedures require a signature to ‘Publish’ them – create a digital image of your signature by signing a blank piece of paper and scan or photograph then save to your desktop and click ‘Upload Image’ 

kisspng-scalable-vector-graphics-question-mark-clip-art-orange-question-mark-5aacc4f12ac9e1.7913542315212720491753Procedures (commonly called Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) are your farm rules around how a machine should be operated or task undertaken. Procedures can be created for individual machines, tools, tasks, etc or for groups of machines - eg. one SWP for all tractors

As you add inventory items in Step 4 then create procedures that relate to them where required

Start by focusing on procedures for your machines or tasks with the greatest risk of causing injury 

What's Next?

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