Implementation - Step 6 - Procedures

Safe Work Procedures are the farm rules around how workers must operate machines or undertake particular tasks.

  1. Navigate to Documents and Files > Procedures in the left hand menu.
  2. Create Procedures.
    • If you already have Safe Work Procedures you can replicate them using the Build New button on the right hand side.
    • If you have none, use the Template Library tab at the top.
    • Click on the 3-dot-png-1 menu on the right hand side and select Use Template and Customise – this will save the SWP to the Drafts tab.

      Farm Workshop Safe work procedure

    • Edit the SWP.
    • The following article will provide step by step instructions on how to create a procedure:
      How to Create and Use Procedures
    • When you are happy with the contents, Publish.
    • Policies and Procedures require a signature to Publish them – create a digital image of your signature by signing a blank piece of paper and scan or photograph then save to your desktop and click Upload Image

Procedures (commonly called Safe Work Procedures or SWP's) are your farm rules around how a machine should be operated or task undertaken. Procedures can be created for individual machines, tools, tasks, etc or for groups of machines - eg. one SWP for all tractors.

As you add inventory items in Step 4 then create procedures that relate to them where required.

Start by focusing on procedures for your machines or tasks with the greatest risk of causing injury. 

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