10 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Safe Ag Systems Software

Setting up your Safe Ag Systems software does not have to be complex. Below are 10 simple steps which you can follow while setting up your system.

If you would like some tips before you get started watch the following video:


The following 10 steps gives a step by step approach to setting up your Safe Ag Systems software to build your farm safety system. You can complete these steps over a number of days, weeks or months to suit the time you have available and the needs of your business.

If you require particular aspects of the system you can skip steps and focus on your priority areas. If you need support or would like to chat about how to go about setting up your system for your particular needs, please don't hesitate to contact the Safe Ag Systems client support team via telephone 08 8490 0939 or email help@safeagsystems.com

The 10 steps are listed below:

If you would like to print out the 10 steps and tick them off as you go, you can download a hard copy below:
Implementation - 10 Step Guide


Safe Ag Systems also offer webinars to support clients with the setup and use of their Safe Ag Systems software. Webinars can be attended live or you can listen to a recording. Access our webinars via the following links:

Upcoming Safe Ag Systems Webinars

On-Demand Safe Ag Systems Webinars