How to Create and Use Procedures

This tutorial will guide you through how to create a new procedure, how to assign it to workers or inventory items, and use acceptance logs for reporting.

Create your own Procedure

Create a Procedure using a Safe Ag Systems template


Create your own Procedure

  1. In the left hand menu, select Documents and Files > Procedures, then click on the Build New button on the right hand side. 

  2. Fill in the information needed then click on Next to start building your procedure. (Only fields marked with an orange asterisk are mandatory fields) 

  3. Drag and drop either the Editor or the PDF element into the builder area to begin.

    You can only use one of these options. Uploaded links, images (excluding PPE icons inserted) and files will not be available in offline mode.

    Builder Elements
    1. Editor - you will be prompted to type in or copy and paste from a document into the editor. This also allows you to format the content thereafter.


    2. PDF - you will be prompted to upload the PDF file.

      Note: PDF files cannot be formatted from the builder.

  4. Once completed click Save, then Preview.
  5. If the document is finalised, publish your document by clicking on the Publish button.

Using the Template Library

  1. Choose from a list of pre-written and customisable policy templates.
  2. In the left hand menu, select Documents and Files > Procedures then click the Template Library tab.

  3. Click on the 3-dot-png-1 menu on the right of the required template and click View to read the document template or Use Template to create a draft.

    3 dot menu

  4. Our templates are used as a base document and we recommend you review and customise each document to suit your business.  To do this click on the Customise button.

    If you do not wish to amend your template simply click on Publish.

  5. To make amendments and edit properties within your document, click on the pencil on the right hand side of your draft document.
  6. Once you are ready to see the draft, click on Preview.
  7. The three icons at the top of the preview screen represent the view on a mobile device, ipad or tablet and the desktop.  Click on either one of these to preview the document in the selected format.


  8. If the document is final, click on the Publish button then you will be prompted to fill in the details about the document.

    Either upload your signature or sign using your mouse onscreen. Fill in all required fields marked with an orange asterisk and select which access level groups of users can access and view the document at any time then click Publish.