Implementation - Step 3 - Emergency Management

It is a legal requirement that all businesses have an Emergency Management Plan which is clearly communicated to workers. Follow this step to create your plan which can then be accessed by all workers.

 Safety Manager - Emergency Management

  1. Navigate to Safety Manager > Emergency Management in the left hand menu.
  2. Complete Emergency Management.
    (Note: this step MUST be completed after Step 2 – Locations)
  3. Complete details for each of your locations added in Step 2 (each location is in the drop down menu at the top – Select Location).
  4. The following article provides an overview of setting up your Emergency Management Plan and links to articles to step you through how to add emergency information.
    Emergency Management Overview

Emergency situations are often stressful meaning people may not be thinking clearly. Provide simple information in your emergency plan which workers can access if a situation occurs and can step them through what to do.

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