Implementation - Step1 - Business Details

Setting up your business details is an important step - this defines which farm entities and owners will be protected by your safety system and the letterhead that will be used on all policies and procedures created later in the setup.

The following video provides an overview of how to setup your Business Details, or read on below for a written explanation.


Navigate to Business > Business Details in the left hand menu.

Business Details

Complete Business Details including:

  • Primary business details – this will be the name that appears on all policies, reports and documents you create.
  • Business contacts and Commodities under the Primary Tab.
  • Other Entities (any other subsidiary businesses under the control of the primary business – see Tips)
  • The following articles provide step by step instructions on setting up your Business Details.
  • Your Logo – (if you have one) The following article provides step by step instructions on how to add a logo.

What other business entities do you have related to your Primary business?   

Eg. Contracting, trusts, land owners – add these under the Other Entities Tab so they are protected by your safety system. 

What's Next?

Implementation - Step 2 - Locations

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