Mapping a Location

Safe Ag Systems provides the ability to map locations, which enables you to geo map the boundaries of your properties and mark the location of hazards. This tutorial will guide you through how to map the boundaries of you

The location function is linked to multiple areas of the Safe Ag Systems app, so it is important to map your locations early on in your system setup. For example, Emergency Plan information is entered specifically for a particular location, the On Site/Off Site function relies on the setting of location boundaries in order to track what property your employees are situated on.

If you have multiple locations that are geographically separated, you are required to map these in separate location tiles.

Desktop Only

Mapping locations

  1. In the side menu, select Business > Locations then click Add New.
  2. Enter the location name, Region/Town and Postcode.
  3. Scroll down to show the world map and zoom in to find your properties location.
    Tip – Amending the map view from Satellite to Map can make this process easier.
    Note - The Hand Icon enables you to click and drag the map around.
  4. Once you have located your property use the Map Outline Tool to draw your properties boundaries.
  5. The Map Outline Tool works in the following way;
    • Click on the icon and then go to a corner of one of your location boundaries. When hovering over the map the mouse symbol will show a small cross hair symbol.
    • Click once to begin the mapping process. A line will begin to follow your mouse from this point.
    • Follow the outline of your property and click wherever you need the line to change directions and a swivel point will be placed.
    • When connecting back to your starting point, the cross hair symbol becomes a hand. Click to connect the lines and your mapped location will change shade.
      Note – If you need to start again just click the Map Outline Tool again.
  6. Once completed click Save.

What's Next?

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