Task Management

Increased efficiency in your daily operations.


Keep an eye on your daily operations while out in the field.

Manage all your tasks in one location.

Keep on top of all your employees tasks. The Task Manager makes it easy to assign and track tasks for your employees.

Stay on top of scheduled maintenance as well as follow up tasks relating to Injury, Illness and Work Related Reports and Safety Inspections.

Use the Task Manager to follow up on safety hazards that have been identified, allowing you to fix or communicate the issue quickly.

Assign tasks on the go.

See a task that needs to be followed up while out in the field. Jump onto the App to quickly assign tasks to your employees. Just enter the task details, assign it to one of your employees and set a priority and due date. You can also add in an image to provide more detail if required. Once assigned your employee will receive a notification and can keep you up to date by adding notes to the task and once done just mark as complete.

I get issued tasks through Safe Ag Systems when my boss, submits a task, it pops up on my phone and it’s 100% updated all the time and I know what I’ve got to do next, and what I’ve done.
Murnong Farms, VIC, Australia