Adding a New User

Setup users to grant them access to your Safe Ag System. You then have the ability to manage all your worker's records in one location.

Desktop only

  1. In the side menu, select People > Manage People and then click Add New.

  2. Enter the new user's First Name, Last Name, Contact Number, and Email.

    You then have the ability to grant access to the new user. You can select from the following access levels;
    1. Business Administrator – Access to add, edit and delete within all sections of your Safe Ag System.
    2. Worker – Access to view safety information, complete inductions, safety checklists and add records via the mobile app.
    3. Contractor – Access to view emergency and safety information and complete inductions via the mobile app.
    4. No Access - User is created in the system and gives you the ability to upload and store worker records, however the user won't be able to access the system. You can grant access to the user at a later date.
  3. Once all details are entered click Save. Your new user is now set up in your System and you have the ability to add further employee details.

If you have granted the new user access to your system they will receive an account validation email that will provide them with their new User Name and Password.