Adding a New Worker

Desktop only

Adding a worker
  1. In the side menu, select People > Manage Workers and then click Add Worker.
  2. Complete the form as required.
  3. Add a photo by clicking on the photo tile and upload a saved image.
  4. (Optional) click Grant Access. An email for validation will be sent to the workers email. They will be required to follow the prompts to activate their account and change their password.
    Note – We recommend granting access to your workers once your system is set up and ready to be rolled out across the Company. You can setup workers without granting access.
  5. If you have selected Grant Access you will then need to select the applicable Security Level. Click Security Level and choose from one of the below security access levels;
    1. Business Administrator – Access to add, edit and delete within all sections of your Safe Ag System.
    2. Worker – Access to view safety information, complete inductions, safety checklists and add records via the mobile app.
    3. Contractor – Access to view emergency and safety information and complete inductions via the mobile app.
      Note – Click the following link for a detailed list of functionalities available to each security level.
  6. Click Save.