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Implementation - Step 5 - Inventory

Inventory includes machinery, equipment, structures, tools and chemicals. Adding inventory enables workers to access safe operating procedures, complete-operational checks, maintain maintenance records and highlight damage requiring repair.

Navigate to Inventory > Machinery and Equipment / Structures / Tools / Chemicals in the left hand menu.

  • Use the App to add inventory and upload a photo.
  • Then complete details from the desktop.
  • Use MSDS to complete info for chemicals. 

The following articles provide step by step instructions on how to set up your inventory.

Adding a new inventory item

Adding a new Chemical

Printing a QR Code for an Inventory Record

Split your farm activities into 4 quarters of the year and identify what inventory items you will be using? Each quarter add inventory relating to that quarter. Eg. Shearing shed, wool press, etc just prior to shearing.

Once inventory is complete, workers can record maintenance and chemical usage from the App. 

What's Next?

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