Administration Overview

The Administration tab enables businesses to analyse their system usage to identify areas they are excelling or areas to improve.

The Administration tab is only accessible by users with Business Administrator and Supervisor access. Supervisors have access to a restricted range of reports.

The System Usage tab provides a snapshot into how you are utilising the different sections of the Safe Ag Systems software program

The Incomplete Records Report provides a list of overdue or unfinished items within your safety system including overdue tasks, policies and procedures still in draft, workers who have not been inducted or have incomplete inductions, expired machinery registrations or equipment tags and incomplete near miss/incident reports. This tab allows businesses to get a quick snapshot of unfinished items and work through completing them.

The Reporting tab enables businesses to generate a range of reports based on key safety parameters and export them as a CSV, excel or PDF file for further analysis.

The Archive tab enables businesses to search on archived records for Inventory Items and Safety inspection reports.

System Usage

Accessing your Safety Rating

How to Improve Your Safety Rating

How to Generate Your Safe Ag Systems Usage Certificate

Incomplete Records Report

Accessing Your Incomplete Records Report


How to Access Reporting

Exporting a Report

Checklist Reporting

Procedure Reporting