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5 minutes with Epigroup

Epigroup was established in 2012 by Jake Cole and James Teakle. With a head office in WA, an in-house multimedia team and over 50 professionals around Australia, Epigroup has built a solid reputation as a leading WHS brand at the forefront of creating safer and healthier workplaces. 

Whether you need a consultant for an audit, a team for your evolving needs, or a custom digital training experience, Epigroup will take the hard work and guesswork out of your project.

Get to know the Epigroup team a little better, keep reading…

1. What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not working? 

We both love heading out to remote WA for camping, 4WDing, surfing and fishing with our families.


Jake: I spend as much time as possible in and around Broome. Not only is the colourful Kimberley region incredible, it’s where my wife is from. When the opportunity to open a Broome office came up, we jumped at it.


James: I love exploring WA’s Coral Coast. The marine life is out of this world, so you can have some amazing encounters on the water. Plus, I get to visit my family in Geraldton on the way home.


2. What's your most-used productivity hack?

Jake: I like to block out chunks of ‘focused time’ in my calendar and have it visible to the team. The team know that during this time I can still be available if something urgent or important arises.


James: My simple hack is using the Microsoft ‘To Do’ App on my phone. I have numerous lists on the go, for work and personal tasks. When something pops into my head, I add it to a list. I review the lists most days. I’m always surprised to see actions or ideas that I would have completely forgotten, had I not written them down on the spot.


3. What’s the most exciting part of your job? 

Jake: Making WHS easier, of course! I also studied viticulture, but that was before I started WHS so don’t ask me to make you a bottle of wine.


James: I’d say I have the team covered at table tennis. I also don’t mind an elaborate prank around the office. Although these days I’m more often the target than the pranker.


4. What motivates/inspires you at work?

Jake: I love our team, the culture we’ve created over the years, and our brand. I’m so proud of how much we’ve grown and evolved, while staying true to our vision.


James: I’m so proud of the team we’ve built. We’ve attracted some of the smartest people I’ve met, all working towards something I’ve helped create.


5. What’s something you find challenging about your work?

Jake: I love the challenges that come with growing and scaling the business.


James: Recently I’ve moved out of our multimedia room to focus on scaling the business, but I have a strong connection to the digital training team and can't resist getting involved with certain projects to get my creative fix and add value for clients.


6. When it comes to health and safety, what do you believe is a priority?

James: Businesses are nothing without the people within them. If your business exposes your people to hazards of any kind, you need to understand what those hazards are, and take ownership over ensuring your people aren’t harmed.


7. Where do you suggest farmers start when it comes to health and safety?

Jake: The best place to start is with a safety audit of your operation using the criteria within Safe Ag Systems. This will give you an insight into the types of hazards you should be looking for, and guide you as to how to control these hazards. Then it’s about setting up an action list and working through closing any gaps you find.


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Learn how Epigroup's consulting, training and labour hire services help businesses develop systems and processes for compliance. Based all around Australia, find out how their WHS experts and multimedia creatives can help your agribusiness succeed.


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Originally published 24 November, 2022.

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