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Not just a piece of farm safety software, Safe Ag Systems gives you the tool that helps manage safety and compliance obligations. Digitise your record keeping and simplify the reporting process for your agribusiness.

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Manage Policies and Procedures

Create, edit and sign off all of your company policies and procedures. Communicate safety goals and expectations.


Policies and Procedures

Create Safety Checklists

Design pre-operational safety checklists and check if they are being performed.


Safety Checklists



Digitally manage machinery, equipment and chemicals. Update maintenance records, lock out unsafe equipment and capture machinery hours. QR code quick access.


Inventory Management

Simplify Audit and Compliance

Make your data work for you. Store, maintain and access your records prior to audit. Everything you need in one location to improve productivity, efficiency and positively impact your operations.


Audit and Compliance

Access Emergency Management

Alert and locate your workers. Access important information in an emergency.


Emergency Management

Assign Tasks on the go

Increase efficiency in daily operations. Create, assign and follow up tasks for safety hazards, maintenance or safety inspections. Attach a procedure and notify multiple workers.


Task Management

Capture Near Miss and Incidents

Initiate an incident report in the field. Intuitive reporting, captures essential information to drive continuous improvement.


Near Miss and Incident Reporting

Maintain your Training Register

Manage Tickets, Licenses, Certificates and training. Set expiry dates to receive reminders and know who is the right person for the job.


Training Register

Store Worker and Contractor Records in one place

Worker Records

Create and Assign Inductions

Build your own or modify our induction templates. Work remotely and assign inductions to workers and contractors via the mobile app. Communicate your safety requirements using visitor inductions before they arrive and keep an attendance log.


Induction Records

What else can Safe Ag Systems do?

Safety Rating

Track the health of your safety system. Use as a guide to improve safety practices and record keeping.

Risk Assessments

Determine, assess and implement controls. Establish a list of actions. Link to inventory items.


Just getting started with your Safety Management System? Consultants can provide a range of benefits for agricultural and farming businesses.

It takes away all that paperwork and all that other red tape that we don’t like.
Damon Coats, Ilfracombe, Australia
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