Inventory Management

Manage all your inventory in one location.


Get access to your inventory records anytime, anywhere.

Keep your maintenance records up to date.

Having all your maintenance records at the tip of your fingers ensure that you can keep on top of all your maintenance requirements and helps you make sure your equipment is being kept in a safe, working order.

Workers can simply scan a QR code to access and enter maintenance records of your machinery, tools and structures via the mobile app. This ensures up to date records can easily be maintained.

Simplify your legal responsibility by keeping a digital chemical register.

Use chemical inventory to list your stock and keep track of your usage, while adding spray notes about the location and weather conditions.

Link manufacturers Safety Data Sheets for instant access in case of an emergency.

Tag out any unsafe equipment.

Have a piece of equipment that is no longer safe to operate? Utilise our lockout/tagout functionality to alert your workers to the danger. A worker can scan the QR code and will get an alert the machine has been tagged out and is currently unsafe to use.

Capture your machinery hours and keep track of your machinery maintenance.

Record and report on the hours or kilometres of your machinery and equipment, simply by using the mobile app.

Safety Data Sheets presents a challenge because there are so many different options but having them accessible on the Safe Ag Systems program, you can click the SDS option and it’s always linked to the current version.
Susan Chislett, Chislett Farms, Kenley, VIC, Australia