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Looking after your most important asset, your mind.

Eight Australians die every day by suicide. 75% of these people are male and people in rural populations are 2 times more likely to die by suicide. So why is there over 65,000 Australians attempting suicide each year and is there anything that can be done about it?

We caught up with Al Gabb to have a conversation about his experience.

National Farm Safety Week
Grease And Oil Change For The Mind - An Interview With Al Gabb

Tarnawa PastoralAl is a farmer from Skipton in the western districts of Victoria. During this interview, Al openly and candidly tells us about life, the farm and his struggles with mental health and how he is constantly trying to keep his mind healthy.

Safe Ag Systems Blog Al Gabb

This is how he came up with the “Grease and Oil change for the mind”. Protecting and maintaining your greatest asset on the farm, your mind.Al Gabb Interview 2

We encourage you to get comfy and take a half hour out of your busy day and listen to what Al has to say. It is raw, relatable and offers you some great tips that we hope will make a difference to you, your loved ones or your mates.

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How can you get some help or help someone you love?

Alison Kennedy from the National Centre from Farmer Heath also brought some great advice and resources, for you or if someone you know needs help. Alison's catch up begins at minute 28:49 of the podcast.

Further links and information

National Centre for Farmer Health
Managing stress on the Farm Booklet, PDF

On this page you will also find a host of other support links and resources (farm business support, mental health, drought specific, rural support organisations, etc.) 


Online psychology services

Access an Online Psychology Service

This provides access to services with psychologists who have undergone training to improve their understanding of farming life and work so that they can provide more tailored and relevant support.


Fact sheets on health:

Health, wellbeing and Safety 


Storytelling Workshops

A collection of powerful personal stories (2-5 minutes each) from people who have navigated tough times.


You Can't Ask That - ABC iview

Suicide Attempt Survivors

Al Gabb appeared on ABC's You Can't Ask That


For Support and Further Research


Are you bogged mate?

Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute


Mensline Australia

The Ripple Effect


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Originally published 16 July, 2021.

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