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Joining in on the #InternationalPodcastDay celebrations, and doing our part to “start the conversation”, the team at Safe Ag Systems thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate our top 7 favourite agricultural podcasts! Looking for ideas to improve your farm safety or just wanting to stay up to date with industry insight, research and trends, then keep on reading to find your binge-worthy listening.


1. AgTech…So What?

About: Hosted by CEO of AgThentic, Sarah Nolet, AgTech…So What? focuses on the stories of innovators in the Agricultural and Technology industry otherwise known as AgTech. Each fortnight Sarah and her guests delve into the stories of these entrepreneurs and technology use in agriculture. Relevant and insightful, Sarah keeps her listeners engaged, covering themes such as “Getting AgTech Ready” to currently focusing on regenerative agriculture practices. The podcast has also covered topics such as careers in AgTech, what’s hot in livestock and dairy tech as well as supplying sustainable beef to McDonalds. Since being launched in 2017, this ag podcast has 57 episodes in its catalogue.

Frequency: One episode every second Thursday

Listen: https://www.agtechsowhat.com/


2. RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness Australia/NZ

About: Utilising a team of 90 analysts, from across the worldwide RaboResearch Network, their team creates content to share knowledge and industry insights specific to food and argibusinesses. Covering a variety of topics, RaboResearch agriculture dedicated podcasts delve into their latest research since each of their analysts specialist in specific sector such as meat, fish and dairy, vegetables, fruit, floriculture, coffee and coca. The podcast also covers industry developments including grain pricing, digital solutions for farms including their impacts and the global dairy trade/production. With such a large team and featuring 300+ episodes

Frequency: At least once a week - some times they produce a podcast daily

Listen: https://research.rabobank.com/far/en/sectors/regional-food-agri/ANZ-Podcasts.html


3. This is Aus Ag

About: Representing the diverse elements that make up Australian agriculture, This is Aus Ag was brought together by the National Farmers' Federation Leaders group in 2018. Engaging in conversations around animal agriculture from primary production to end consumer, listen to perspectives that may change how you see farming in Australia and challenge your opinion of the ag industry.

Frequency: A six part series

Listen: https://www.thisisausag.com/podcast.html


4. Beating around the bush

About: Created by Fleur Anderson, Cotton Farmer and businesswoman, for RBC radio, Beating around the Bush was created from her own networking organisation known as the Rural Business Collective. Now up to season 3 of the agriculture, rural and regional news podcast, Fleur is joined by Wade Dabinett and guests to cover topics such as COVID-19, climate change leadership and succession planning in farming. Discussing everything Australian agriculture with its starting series focused on talking to entrepreneurs, experts and community leaders from rural and regional Australia, this agribusiness podcast was founded back in 2016 and now includes 95 episodes.

Frequency: Once a week

Listen: https://www.ruralbusinesscollective.com.au/podcast


5. My Open Kitchen

About: Hosted by Sophie Hansen and Skye Manson, My Open Kitchen is all about teaching listeners to harness the power of social media. Yes, we hear you, it doesn’t sound ag focused, but it is in a different way. This podcast is about using social media as a tool for farmers, producers and small business owners to get their brand and message to the right people in an engaging way!

Now in its third season, My Open Kitchen is recorded on farm and has 30 episodes dedicated to connecting, collaborating and building communities, their tag line is “…celebrating great stories from behind the farm gate…”

Frequency: Sporadic

Listen: https://my-open-kitchen.com/podcast/


6. Profitable Farmer

About: The Profitable Farmer podcast, hosted by Jeremy Hutchings from the Farm Owners Academy, talks all things business. Covering off topics like generating more profit through your financial records, to three things you need to stop doing on your farm and even analysing risk in farming systems. The Profitable Farmer is dedicated to increasing your farms profitability, providing tips and tricks to make the most of your time invested. Almost at 60 episodes, the Profitable Farmer podcast launched back in 2017.

Frequency: Twice a month

Listen: https://www.farmownersacademy.com/profitablefarmer/

7. Commodity Conversation

About: The Commodity Conversation podcast is the new kid on the block, delving into Australian agricultural markets and what drives them. Since launching in March 2019, brought to you by Mecardo, the podcast aims to start conversations by discussing challenging issues and differing perspectives of the agriculture industry as well as trending topics and market updates. The podcast has previously covered topics including fake meat advocates, drought and bush fire relief, and differing markets such as livestock, wool and fertilizer.

Frequency: Once a week

Listen: https://mecardo.podbean.com/

Your options for entertainment and education are almost limitless when it comes to the number of podcasts available in 2020. This is just a snapshot of what you could be listening too, so if we have missed out on one of your favourites, let us know! Happy listening.

Originally published 30 September, 2020.

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