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How to get small business owners to recognise your value as a consultant?

Starting a safety consulting business can be a rewarding venture.

You have the opportunity to nurture and help small businesses grow to improve their workplace safety. However, it can be challenging to persuade small business owners to recognise your value.

Small business owners often have limited budgets and may be hesitant to spend money on consulting services. Particularly if they don't fully understand the benefits of one!

In this article, we'll provide our Top Ten Tips to help you establish your worth and gain their trust.

Whether you're just starting out as a safety consultant or looking to grow your business, these tips can help you communicate your value and win over potential clients.

  1. Start with education: Educate the business owners about the benefits of workplace safety and how it can improve their bottom line. Provide them with data and statistics to back up your claims.

  2. Explain the costs: Discuss the financial impact of workplace accidents and how they can affect the business in the long run. Show them the costs associated with injuries, property damage, and workers' compensation claims.

  3. Demonstrate your expertise: Demonstrate your knowledge and experience in the field by providing examples of successful safety programs you have implemented in other businesses. 

  4. Provide specific recommendations: Provide specific recommendations for improving safety in their workplace and explain the benefits of implementing these measures. Undertake a free Risk Assessment of their workplace and identify hazards.

  5. Show them the regulations: Explain the regulatory requirements for workplace safety and how non-compliance can lead to fines and legal issues.

  6. Discuss insurance benefits: Discuss the potential insurance benefits of implementing safety measures, such as reduced premiums and coverage advantages.

  7. Offer training: Offer training and support to help business owners and their employees understand the importance of workplace safety and how to implement safety measures.

  8. Show ROI: Discuss the potential return on investment (ROI) of implementing safety measures, including improved productivity, increased employee morale, and reduced absenteeism.

  9. Use testimonials: Use testimonials from other business owners who have implemented your safety recommendations and have seen the benefits. Think of these as client stories and decorate them around your website for potential customers.

  10. Provide ongoing support: Offer ongoing support and guidance by letting them know you're only a phone call away. This ensures that the business owners remain committed and will continue to implement safety measures over time.

From educating business owners about workplace safety to offering ongoing support, these tips can help safety consultants communicate their value and win over potential clients. By helping small businesses implement safety measures in their workplace, you can improve their bottom line, reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and protect their most valuable asset - their employees. 

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Originally published 14 March, 2023.

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